Blingz Style

Turns your Apple Watch into an attention-grabbing fashion accessory with bright personalized display.  

Personalize Blingz Style to fit your mood or fashion with different colors, patterns or dynamics.  Your Apple Watch will display your selected style continuously until you change your mood.

Key Features

  • Attention-Grabbing Fashion - uses your Apple Watch display to catch everyone's attention with bright colors and dynamic changing patterns.
  • Personalized Style - select from a variety of colors and styles to suite your own taste.
  • Continuous Display - once you make a selection, the Apple Watch display displays your choice continuously until you decide to change it.  You can walk around and your watch will always be showing-off your personal style.  You can use Blingz Style for a maximum of 5 hours without recharging the Apple Watch, enough time to shine bright throughout most parties and events.
  • Easy to Silence - just cover the watch with the palm of your hand and Blingz Style will sleep until the next time you activate it.
  • Fun and Exciting - show your style and catch the attention of everybody with the press of a button.

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